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Creative Essence

By Mirum Helsinki

Creative Essence is a perfume, a testament to Mirum Helsinki’s dedication to growing thriving creatives.

What does creativity smell like?

The heart of Creative Essence by Mirum Helsinki stems from 19 different nationalities intertwined with crisp notes of eternal curiosity and juniper. World champion level Finnish happiness, equality and freedom are infused with burning passion for creative work, perfectly balanced with 5 weeks annual holiday. Hints of sea salt are accompanied by warming notes of 138 Helsinki based Mirumees, always ready to push for a unique idea – like squeezing a drop of sweat from each other and composing world’s first Creative Essence.

"A journey through sandy beaches with a hint of gin in the air. Warmth of the forest behind you, with notes of needles, herbs and cedar. The freshness of sea air, the salt in it, the scent of your skin."
— Kseki, Atelier de parfum

Do you want to join our creative team in Helsinki?

To create is to transform ideas into something bigger, something worth experiencing. The visceral process of true creation builds on the foundation of dedication and passion and... yes, you guessed it, sweat.

Like any essence, the appeal of Creative Essence is highly personal. If you like it, you may be a match to our creative culture. So if you don’t mind breaking a sweat for something unconventional, drop us your details and you might be part of the next batch.

The candidates we feel would be best match with us will receive a sample of Creative Essence to get to know the Mirumees.


We’re glad to see you’re curious about creating what’s next!

Our office has been very fortunate to receive many great creative applications! While this makes us extremely happy, going through everything might take a while and we cannot guarantee a prompt response. No sweat, though! We will save your details in our system and definitely have a closer look at them as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we hope you keep following our work and continue to nurture your creativity.

Have a great day! Mirum Helsinki